JM Ross is a New York City Songwriter from Jackson, Mississippi. His writing draws inspiration from his southern youth and fast pace, Manhattan life he finds himself in today. "It's like vibey, roots music." Pulling from artist like Lukas Nelson, Ariel Posen, Freddie King, John Mayer, and Brittany Howard, JM crafts a unique, singer-songwriter sound of his own.

He released his debut EP, "The Parker House Sessions", in the summer of 2021. The three song collection is about trajectory and finding creative voice. Despite being only three songs, "The Parker House Sessions" spans a wide range of musical influences, and allows each song to exist in a world of their own.

Over the past several months, JM has collaborated with Julian Giamo to produce his sophomore EP, which is set to release throughout the summer of 2022.

“Easy” is Available on all platforms.